Legendary VICAR Classic Engineer

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Mavica<--lots of pix taken with my Sony Mavica MVC-FD87 years 2002-2004

MagicImage500<--lots of pix taken with my $10 camera years 2002-2004

bt848<--pix grabbed from the tv years 2003-2005

scans<--scanner pix

gateway<--Gateway DC-M42 2004-2006

random_stuff<--Random pix

kodak<--Kodak CD33 pix years 2005-2009

z1275<--Kodak z1275 pix year 2009

x42<--Olympus X42 pix year 2010-2014

fuji<--Fuji pix year 2014-2018

kodak_fz43<--Kodak FX43 pix year 2018 to 2020

nikon<--Nikon pix year 2020 to present

Los_Angeles_Silhouette_Club<--Los Angeles Silhouette Club pictures

planetary_science<--Planetary Science

Link to the Los Angeles Silhouette Club web page