'Saturday noon Lithuanian radio on KTYM'

It might take several minutes to download the audio before it plays after you click on the link The beginning of the Lithuanian version sometimes has several tens of seconds of the end of the English version


LT radio Jan 12-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Feb 2-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Feb 9-English:English
LT radio Feb 16-English:English
LT radio Mar 2-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 9-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 23-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 30-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Apr 6-English:English
LT radio Apr 13-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Apr 27-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 4-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 18-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 25-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio June 1-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio June 8-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio June 22-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio June 29-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio July 6-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio July 20-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio July 27-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Sept 7-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Sept 21-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Sept 28-English:English
LT radio Oct 12-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Oct 26-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Nov 16-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Nov 23-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Nov 30-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Dec 7-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Dec 21-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Dec 28-English:English-Lithuanian:LT


LT radio Jan 4-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jan 11-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jan 18-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Feb 1-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Feb 8-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Feb 15-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Feb 22-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 1-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 8-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 22-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Mar 29-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Apr 5-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Apr 12-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Apr 19-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Apr 26-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 3-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 10-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 17-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 24-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio May 31-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jun 7-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jun 14-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jun 21-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jun 28-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jul 12-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jul 19-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Jul 26-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Aug 02-English:English-Lithuanian:LT
LT radio Aug 09-English:English short show
LT radio Aug 16-English:English
LT radio Aug 23-English:English
LT radio Aug 30-English:English
LT radio Sep 20-English:English
LT radio Sep 27-English:English
LT radio Oct 04-English:English
LT radio Oct 18-English:English
LT radio Nov 01-English:English
LT radio Nov 08-English:English
LT radio Nov 22-English:English
LT radio Nov 29-English:English
LT radio Dec 06-English:English
LT radio Dec 13-English:English
LT radio Dec 20-English:English
LT radio Dec 27-English:English


LT radio Jan 03-English:English
LT radio Jan 10-English:English
LT radio Jan 17-English:English
LT radio Jan 24-English:English
LT radio Jan 31-English:English
LT radio Feb 07-English:English
LT radio Feb 14-English:English
LT radio Feb 21-English:English
LT radio Mar 07-English:English
LT radio Mar 14-English:English
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LT radio Mar 21-English:English
LT radio Mar 28-English:English
LT radio Apr 11-English:English
LT radio Apr 18-English:English
LT radio Apr 25-English:English
LT radio May 02-English:English
Sometimes the radio show can now be found at http://www.ilovelt.com
Lithuanian Melodies can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Radio-Klubas-Lithuanian-Melodies-KALI-900-AM/195504103930352
LT radio May 16-English:English
LT radio May 23-English:English