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--------- Learn Lithuanian By Podcast ------------
this is Aldona, my teacher and star of Lithuanian Outlound episode 80.
Aldona is the Lithuanian speaker on most of the lessons
this is Ausra, who recorded some of the lessons.
Thanks to Aldona and Ausra for their help
the story of the writing of the book :itml.pdf

*** Audio Lessons ***

The text is from Beginner's Lithuanian
right click on the links to download files
left click on the links to play the audio or see the script
I would like to thank Aldona and Ausra for all their help in recording and editing my scripts
If you use these audio lessons, I urge you to buy the book Beginner's Lithuanian.
You used to be able to get it from for about $15 plus $4 S/H

Now, it appears the book is no longer in print or something. It now costs a lot more.
Our class switched to Complete Lithuanian for the 2012-2013 school year.
For the 2013-2014 year we will use Colloquial Lithuanian 2nd Edition.
It costs about $35. The 2nd edition has minor changes from the 1st edition.
For the 2014-2015 year we are using Beginner's Lithuanian again.
For the 2015-2016 year we are using Easy Way to Lithuanian.
We like to use different books to learn different vocabulary
Introduction to Modern Lithuanian is the same book as Beginner's Lithuanian but in hardcover
If you would like to change these audio files in any way,
you can download audacity from here

audacity is the program I used to record the lessons and is very useful when editing and playing them too.
lesson00 is an introduction to the lessons and some explanation
Beginners LT:lesson00.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson00 text
Beginners LT:lesson001.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson001 text
lesson 1 thru 5 were recorded June 20, 2011 on Aldona's patio and the sound is good
Beginners LT:lesson01.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson01 text
Beginners LT:lesson02.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson02 text
Beginners LT:lesson03.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson03 text
Beginners LT:lesson04.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson04 text
Beginners LT:lesson05.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson05 text
lessons 6 thru 10 were recorded November 3, 2011 in Aldona's family room
Beginners LT:lesson06.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson06 text
Beginners LT:lesson07.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson07 text
Beginners LT:lesson08.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson08 text
Beginners LT:lesson09.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson09 text
Beginners LT:lesson10.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson10 text

lessons 11 thru 14 were recorded July 5 in Aldona's family room and the sound was good until my microphone went bad
Beginners LT:lesson11.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson11 text
Beginners LT:lesson12.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson12 text
Beginners LT:lesson13.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson13 text
Beginners LT:lesson14.mp3

Aldona has left for Europe on vacation
my friend Ausra read the second version of lesson 14 and 15 July 8. we recorded in my living room
Beginners LT:lesson14_take2.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson14 text
Beginners LT:lesson15.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson15 text

Ausra and I recorded lessons 16 through 20 in my living room July 12
Beginners LT:lesson16.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson16 text
Beginners LT:lesson17.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson17 text
Beginners LT:lesson18.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson18 text
Beginners LT:lesson19.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson19 text
Beginners LT:lesson20.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson20 text

Ausra and I recorded lessons 21 through 25 in my living room using my new stereo microphone setup July 21
Beginners LT:lesson21.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson21 text
Beginners LT:lesson22.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson22 text
Beginners LT:lesson23.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson23 text
Beginners LT:lesson24.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson24 text
Beginners LT:lesson25.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson25 text

Ausra left for Lithuania and Aldona just returned. Aldona and I recorded lessons 26, 27 and 28 August 15 in her family room
We used the gaming headphone/microphone headsets in stereo mode. I like the way it sounds
Beginners LT:lesson26.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson26 text
Beginners LT:lesson27.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson27 text
Beginners LT:lesson28.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson28 text

Aldona and I recorded lessons 29,30,31, and 32 August 19 in the family room
Beginners LT:lesson29.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson29 text
Beginners LT:lesson30.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson30 text
Beginners LT:lesson31.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson31 text
Beginners LT:lesson32.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson32 text

Aldona and I recorded lessons 33, 34, and 35 August 26 in her family room
Beginners LT:lesson33.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson33 text
Beginners LT:lesson34.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson34 text
Beginners LT:lesson35.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson35 text

we recorded lessons 36 and 37 August 31 in Aldona's family room.
Beginners LT:lesson36.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson36 text
Beginners LT:lesson37.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson37 text

Aldona and I recorded lessons 38 and 39 in her family room September 7
Beginners LT:lesson38.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson38 text
Beginners LT:lesson39.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson39 text

We recorded lesson 40 in Aldona's family room September 14
Beginners LT:lesson40.mp3
Beginners LT:lesson40 text

If you would like to hear a man read the stories and conversations from Beginners Lithuanian, go here
Beginners LT:food text

these are the stories beginning on page 392
Beginners LT:fool.mp3
Beginners LT:fool txt
Beginners LT:monarch.mp3
Beginners LT:monarch txt
Beginners LT:vyteno.mp3
Beginners LT:vyteno txt
Beginners LT:sventes.mp3
Beginners LT:sventes txt
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